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Model 2261A Spectrum Monitor

Model 2261A Spectrum Monitor

Product News Friday, March 3, 2006: Pendulum Instruments Inc.

Pendulum Instruments, Inc. Releases the Model 2261A Spectrum Monitor

Stockholm, Sweden – November 18, 2005 – Pendulum Instruments, Inc. (formally XL Microwave), a world leader in microwave and millimeter wave test and measurement instruments, today introduced a new version of the Analyze-R™, the model 2261A Spectrum Monitor/Analyzer. This new model addresses the 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM bands, the 3.4–3.6 GHz licensed/unlicensed bands, the 4.9 GHz Public Safety band, the unlicensed 5 GHz U-NII / ISM bands, and the 5.8 GHz DSCR band. Unique features of the 2261A include 38 selectable 100 MHz-wide bands, Unattended Data Recording, Auto Calculation of C/I, GPS Data Logging, Sensitivity is >-103dBm, The simple interface of the Analyze-R™ provides non-technically trained personnel the ability to make highly accurate site measurements of interference and radio performance in an affordable package. The 2261A is rugged, light-weight (<7 lbs.), battery powered, and a fraction of the cost of a full-featured general-purpose spectrum analyzer…and far more sensitive and easier to use!

The Basic Instrument. The Analyze-R™ is the only application-specific spectrum analyzer on the market specifically designed for wireless interference and fading measurement and analysis of wireless links. The Analyze-R™ provides frequency and amplitude information across thirty-seven 100 MHz bands. Resolution bandwidth is 1 MHz with sensitivity better than -100 dBm (20–30 dB better than full featured spectrum analyzers!). Amplitude range spans -103 dBm to -30 dBm (peak hold or average). Sweep time is only 300 milliseconds and an adjustable marker provides specific data point measurement of amplitude and frequency within the band.

General Data Recording. The Analyze-R™ contains a data logger, with an embedded GPS receiver and GPS-disciplined real-time clock, for recording either single frequency data or an entire 100 MHz-wide band sweep, in 1 MHz steps. Each record contains frequency, power, and GPS position/date/time data. Up to 255 records can be saved to the instrument’s non-volatile internal memory. The instrument includes RS-232 and USB interfaces. The companion Log View-R™ software provides a virtual graphic display of the original recorded data and is used for measurement analysis and data transfer from instrument to PC.
Log View-R™. The Log View-R™ companion software provides analysis of recorded data and programming for unattended operation of the instrument.

C/I Calculation. The Log View™ software utility will display both the radio’s ‘Carrier’ sweep as well as the ‘Interference’ sweep simultaneously. Markers can be set to the carrier’s modulation bandwidth and the software will automatically compute the ‘Total Channel Power’ of both the Carrier and the Interference, normalized to the carrier’s bandwidth, and calculate the Carrier-to-Interference figure, in dBm, indicating the real-world fade margin at the site. This is the single most important information a spectrum analyzer can provide a wireless operator and the Analyze-R™ is the only instrument on the market that correctly provides this information!

Unattended Data Recording. The Analyze-R™ can be programmed to make unattended measurements at remote sites, allowing the instrument to operate on its own, recording spectrum data without supervision. This feature provides site analysis of interfering signals which may only show up at irregular times of the day or night and is invaluable for surveying potential new site locations and analyzing sources of problems within existing sites over many hours or days without the requirement of on-site personnel. Programmable functions include ‘Start Date/Time’, ‘Stop Date/Time’, ‘Recording Rate’, ‘Single Frequency’ or ‘Band Sweep’, ‘Peak Hold’ or ‘Average’ mode, and minimum amplitude ‘Threshold’. Unattended programming can be downloaded to the instrument or saved as a file and sent to a remote location for downloading to a remote instrument at a later date.

Availability/Cost. The model 2261A Analyze-R™ is available from stock to 4 weeks and has a MSRP of $7,300.

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