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New Online PLC SCADA training course

New Online PLC SCADA training course

Product News Friday, August 1, 2014: Business Industrial Network

Our customer'e spoke, and we listened. They said the online PLC SCADA course offered via the internet are too expsensive (around $3000), with dates and time too dificult to fit in their busy schedules, are mostly knowledge oriented with Q/A not teaching actual skills by real world application and not teaching troubleshooting and modification for real world applications enough. Replied with an Online PLC SCADA training solution to fix ALL the current industry concerns!

  • BIN95 Online PLC SCADA course is 1/10th the going rate ($239) !
  • Take BIN95 course ondaemand, any time you like, take as long as you want to complete. No expirations or time limits!
  • BIN95 PLC course not only teaches knowledge, but via real world simulations teaches actual troubleshooting skills!
  • The BIN95 SCADA part of course uses real free SCADA software that you make real changes to!

So in keeping with's prime directive, you recieve The Best for Less while keeping in line with our secondary objectives of giving you the ability to learn more. (You can use the PLC simulator software and free SCADA software for years to come, allowing you to contunue your eduction and increasing your skills. All for $239!

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