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Asahi/America’s Series 92 Electric Actuators Earn UL1203 Certification

Asahi/America’s Series 92 Electric Actuators Earn UL1203 Certification

Company News Thursday, January 8, 2015: Asahi/America

Asahi/America, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of thermoplastic valves, actuators, and piping systems announces that their Series 92 electric actuators have received UL1203 certification for use in Cl1, DIV1 hazardous locations. 

To receive the certification, Asahi/America’s Series 92 electric actuator underwent and passed extensive mechanical analysis and explosive testing. Asahi/America’s UL1203 certification for hazardous locations also includes the UL508 certification (Type 4X).

The Series 92 electric actuator features a die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure bolted together in two sections with eight hex head cap screws, and is fitted with an O-ring between the two halves for environmental purposes. Access to the enclosure is by two 1/2” NPT conduit openings in the base. The main shaft, which penetrates through both sides of the enclosure, forms the flameproof enclosure. The shaft top is connected to a visual beacon position indicator and is covered by an upper knob, which is pulled upward to put the actuator into manual override mode. The base of the shaft is a 17 mm female star configuration output, which drives a machined coupling to execute actuation of a valve. 

The internals of the Series 92 actuator feature a reversing type 120 VAC or 230 VAC capacitor-run reversing type motor, or a low voltage DC motor (12 VDC or 24 VDC). The motor features a permanently lubricated gear train and hardened steel spur gears. Two end-of-travel limit switches are mechanically set via adjustable cams for open and close positions. Accessories such as 4-20 Ma positioners, single and double extra limit switches, and electromechanical brakes are all available factory installed and calibrated in the actuators.

UL508 Industrial Control Equipment

UL File# E312707

UL1203 Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment for use in Hazardous Locations

UL File# E356257

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