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Asahi/America Redesigned PAG Series 79 Pneumatic Actuators

Asahi/America Redesigned PAG Series 79 Pneumatic Actuators

Product News Thursday, January 8, 2015: Asahi/America

Asahi/America Inc., the leader in thermoplastic valve technology, announces the redesign of their quarter-turn pneumatic actuators for a complete engineered resin automation package. Asahi/America’s engineered resin automation package provides a light weight, and long-lasting product. 

The Asahi/America Series P79P pneumatic actuator includes an extruded PAG (glass-filled polyamide) body with ISO and NAMUR provisions for mounting accessories, a stainless steel output shaft with ISO female star, extruded PAG end caps, and a visual position indicator.

All models feature the same shaft height for mounting limit switches and positioners so only one bracket is required. Along with bolted end caps, spring return models employ captive spring cartridges for increased safety, whether disassembling the actuator for maintenance or for resizing due to lower air supply pressure. With 1/4” NPT air connections and a temperature range of -25°F through 195°F, the Series P79P can be used in various environments. Output torques range from 137 inch-lbs. to 1,336 inch-lbs. for air-to-air models, and 58 inch-lbs. to 582 inch-lbs. for air-to-spring models.  

An engineered resin direct-mount NAMUR solenoid and engineered resin double limit switch assembly compliment this engineered resin actuator. To complete this engineered resin package, Asahi/America provides engineered resin ball and butterfly valves, which are easily automated in Asahi/America’s shop or in the field.

About Asahi

Asahi/America, Inc. specializes in providing solutions for fluid handling systems, individualized to meet virtually any customer’s need.  Asahi is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant thermoplastic fluid handling products, including valves, actuators, pipe and fittings. The company maintains an extensive custom fabrication department, and provides on-site consultation, supervision and training where required. For more information contact:  Asahi/America, Inc., 35 Green Street, Malden, MA 02148.  Call toll free 877-24-ASAHI or 781-321-5409.  Fax 800-426-7058.  Send an email to or visit Asahi/America on the Internet at