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Sensors and Popcorn (Quick Mount Line Expanded)

Sensors and Popcorn (Quick Mount Line Expanded)

Product News Tuesday, March 28, 2006: SoftNoze USA Inc

Sensors and Popcorn

Frankfort, NY, March 29, 2006 Factory and system automation designers use proximity sensors like moviegoers consume popcorn1. As a result each year millions of sensors find their way into every conceivable application. At the same time every one of these sensors requires mounting, setup and likely change-out as the years go by. Such tasks now become easier with the newly expanded line of Quick Mount solutions from SoftNoze.

The entire Quick Mount family is designed for tubular proximity sensors sold by all leading senor manufacturers. According to Brett Truett, Engineering Manager for SoftNoze USA, Inc., “The common denominator of all Quick Mount products is an integral stop shoulder.” Truett goes on to explain, “This stop shoulder establishes a fixed reference point between the mounted sensing face and the targets the sensors detect. Without a stop shoulder feature, sensor position is not maintained. Sensing gap and setup errors and downtime occur and are very costly to manufacturers” Quick Mounts are extremely cost effective as compared to commonly used angle brackets since sensor damage and failure are greatly reduced.

Just joining the Quick Mount family, are the plastic injection-molded BMDC-12 and BMDC-18 Quick Mounts. These sensor integration components are patent pending and have a dual-cam design that allows tool-less sensor installation and change-out of 12 and 18mm diameter sensors. In addition to an all important stop shoulder, these new products are low cost, but firmly secure sensors.

The Quick Mount family now consists of four product groups:

Family NameDescription/style 
BMDCDual-Cam™Plastic Block Mount
BMQMQuickMount™Plastic Block Mount
QTQuicktube™Plastic and Metal Threaded Mount
BMWOWeld-On™Weld-On Metal Slug

Commenting on the entire Quick Mount product family, George Zachary, Product Engineer at SoftNoze, suggested, “The unique positioning feature of the stop shoulders makes installations and setup of tubular sensors a snap. No time is wasted re-establishing the sensing gap; old sensors are removed and the new ones inserted It’s just that easy!”

List prices for BMDC Quick Mounts start at $5.00 U. S., and are available from stock.

SoftNoze USA, Inc. is the World’s only company dedicated exclusively to providing integration components to MAPP (Mount, Apply, Position and Protect) all types of industrial automation sensors, switches and cameras.

1 In 2004, cinemas sold about 60 million pounds of popcorn, and the average American ate 70 quarts of the stuff.
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