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Kira Valves Accommodates Internship

Kira Valves Accommodates Internship

Company News Sunday, August 30, 2015: Kira Valves CC


 At the beginning of the year, Kira Valves & Engineering took on interns, from various universities, who have just completed their Mechanical Engineering/ Metallurgy studies. They have presented great potential thus far. Here is what they have to say after a few months at KVE:


Katlego George Nchabeleng

My P2 in-service training with Kira Valves & Engineering over the last six months’ was really interesting and informative. I feel it has given me enough to explore my theoretical experience, learning skills, communication skills and has made me a lot more curious about the engineering world. I have had a great experience and exposure in valves, their types and how they operate. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed my time here. It is with regret that I leave such a great team, and I would love to keep in touch. 

Amokelani Othelia Nkwinika

As an intern at Kira Valves & Engineering, you are given the opportunity to actively participate in work at different levels. I know what to expect from the working environment because of Kira Valves.

  Matimba Julian Mashele
I learned alot at Kira Valves & Engineering. I learned reconditioning of different types of valves, machining & safety.  The knowledge needed for one to become an engineer can be easily acquired at Kira. I am willing to learn more.

Thupane Tortius Molokwane
I have enjoyed working at Kira Valves & Engineering, the workers were supportive and welcoming. Working hours were flexible, I will work there when finished 

Thuto Sekgetho
Never compromise on quality!

Thendo Wesley Maligane
What I have learnt: 
• Communicating with other workers,
• Importance of safety and house cleaning.
• I also learnt to use fire extinguishers, applications,
• Construction and maintenance of valves, and most important to be able to work with other employees.

Mmbengwa Dzivhuluwani
I have learnt alot at Kira Valves & Engineering. As a student from university, I found Kira Valves being one of the growing company with alot of potential- this enables me to learn a lot about mechanical engineering.