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Introducing a new range of miniature couplings

Introducing a new range of miniature couplings

Product News Friday, March 19, 2010: Davall Gear Co

Flexible couplings transmit torque (power at a speed) and rotation, while absorbing shaft misalignment.
Reduce shaft misalignment to zero, or as negligible as possible.

When the misalignment exceeds permissible levels, vibration may result, which in turn will decrease the
operating life of the equipment.

There are three styles of misalignment, these being radial (parallel), axial (shaft end-play) and angular.
Keep misalignment of the system to a minimum, then select a miniature coupling with a torque limit,
rotational speed and misalignment error values which are greater than the system they are selected for.
The maximum misalignment values listed are the when only one misalignment exists. When two or more
misalignments are present, then only 50% of the permissible values listed in the tables will apply.

External forces such as vibration, heat expansion or bearing wear can also create misalignment, so it is
recommended to take only 1/3 of the listed misalignment values to extend the life hours of the coupling.
Reversing applications should apply a factor of x 0.25 to loads generated.

Couplings and other rotating parts should be stored correctly, and in operation should be protected with
safety covers. Excessive loads or misalignment will result in short life hours.

Features of BELLOWS and HELICAL precision miniature coupling

  • High torque
  • Zero backlash
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Characteristics identical either clock wise and counter-clock wise rotation
  • Constant velocity (even under misalignment)
  • Maintenance free, excellent resistance to oils and chemicals
  • Elevated operating temperature range (approx. 150°C)

BELLOWS couplings provide super flexibility and an excellent response, due to a precision welded
bellows element.

HELICAL couplings are an ideal one-piece “spring” unit, ideal for angular and axial misalignment (suited
to radial misalignment).

DISC couplings are backlash free, with double flexing units permit radial misalignment
MEMBRANE couplings electrically isolating

SLIT BEAM couplings are an ideal one-piece unit, ideal for angular and axial misalignment (suited to
radial misalignment).

TOOTH FACE couplings for positive engagement, axial misalignment only.

WOUND SPRING couplings cater for a high degree of angular misalignment.

SPIDER couplings suited to high torque applications with minimum wear and quick assembly.