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MECO Shaft Seals, div. Woodex Bearing Company Inc.

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MECO Shaft Seals, div. Woodex Bearing Company Inc.

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Split Shaft Seals at Biomass Conference

Split Shaft Seals at Biomass Conference

Product News Monday, April 5, 2010: MECO Shaft Seals, div. Woodex Bearing Company Inc.

MECO shaft seals for rotating process machinery will be exhibited in Booth #302 at the International Biomass Conference and Expo on 4-6 May 2010 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

MECO offers seal models designed to help processors to maintain an aseptic environment inside process vessels. MECO shaft seals stop solid, liquid and/or vapor leakage on screw conveyors, extractors, reactors, dryers, blenders and other rotating bulk process machinery. MECO seals provide a reliable alternative to packed glands, lip seals or v-rings where these are leaking.

MECO's seal designs accommodate 1/4”/6mm and more of diametric shaft run-out and are available fully-split to retrofit on new or existing machinery .

Operator-adjustable seals can often be adjusted while machinery continues to run; self-adjusting seals are also available. Seal performance is reliable, with long run-time between rebuilds, even in applications with bent or damaged shafts.

In the oilseed extraction industry, MECO custom shaft seals have proven effective in reducing solvent vapor loss from rotating extractor drive shafts, resulting in local solvent concentrations of 100 ppm and less.

MECO stands on its reputation for service, working closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction.