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Speciality Enterprises (T/A) Weldcraftpro

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Product News Thursday, September 16, 2010: Speciality Enterprises (T/A) Weldcraftpro

FireFly is the trade name for our range of 400 amp DC safety/monitor and control switches. These units are designed to sit in-between the power source and the diver-welder, providing a safe method of isolating current and voltage for the diver, or operator. 


We currently offer one model;

1: Utility case(click here)

The utility case units are fitted with amp and volt meters as standard and an indicator lamp, thereby, allowing welding parameters to be monitored and/or recorded and the units also provide a useful means of checking the working efficiency of the power source. 

Although initially designed for welding/cutting underwater, the devices are equally well suited for situations where close control of thermal operations in hazardous areas is required. 

Technical Specifications
All switches are fitted with a 100%, 400 amp duty cycle push/pull switch, which meets CE directives, Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association approvals. All units are fitted with DINSE style panel plugs and sockets as standard and are supplied with a full, return to base, 12 months warranty against defective parts or faults.

1: Utility case model: -  Is a portable, brief-case style unit housed in a tough, light weight rugged, waterproof Peli-case.