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E4.1L from igus – Low weight, easy assembly and cable-friendly design

E4.1L from igus – Low weight, easy assembly and cable-friendly design

Product News Friday, April 15, 2016: igus

Optimum use of installation space, light weight and high stability – these are just some of the benefits of the E4.1L energy chain from igus, which is now available in new heights and widths from stock. Compared to the E4.1, weight can be reduced by 30 percent, with this light version, meaning that the chain is well suited to highly dynamic applications. It was developed especially for unsupported applications; long gliding travels are also possible with the e-chain. 

The E4.1L of the motion plastics specialist igus combines the strengths of different series of chains from igus and also has a design that is very kind to all the surfaces in contact with the cables. "Rounded edges of the crossbars and separators of the chain ensure a long service life of hoses and cables," explains Harald Nehring, authorised representative for e-chain systems at igus. "You can therefore call E4.1L an energy chain in which the moving cables feel at ease." In addition to the rounded surfaces that come in contact with cables, gridding and positioning scales are used for the best possible separation of the chain. Along with the easy assembly and high stability it displays its strengths especially in fast unsupported applications, such as in automation or in machine tools. 

Technical tricks for design freedom  The simple snap-open mechanism of the crossbars in the outer and inner radius ensures a quick filling of the e-chain. The captive crossbars, which can be opened with a screwdriver, open by 115 degrees and latch into final position. If necessary, they can even be removed completely, placed again and closed by simply pressing in. The patented positive-fit tongue and groove of the chain links and the double stop dogs with large stop surfaces that allow a high degree of stability were carried over from the heavy duty E4.1 chain. Here a 'brake' also ensures a lower rolling noise and a very smooth chain travel. Due to the variable mounting of the outer links, the chain can be installed either with or without camber. This is a decisive advantage especially in limited installation space, such as in machine tools. 

"Perhaps the best e-chain in the world"  Compared to E4.1, the application-oriented design of the E4.1 L could save so much mass that the chain is about 30 percent lighter. This brings an additional advantage: "In this way, users save not only a lot of drive power," says Harald Nehring. "It can also accommodate more hoses and cables in a given space envelope – all these advantages perhaps make the E4.1L the best e-chain in the world." The energy chain is now available from stock in more interior heights between 31 and 64 millimetres and new widths, as well as fully enclosed options for the protection against chips. As for the open energy chain, igus also has an ESD version and even a high-temperature option for the enclosed energy tube.

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