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Modular corrugated tube for cable protection gains top cleanroom classification

Modular corrugated tube for cable protection gains top cleanroom classification

Product News Thursday, June 16, 2016: igus

The “e-skin” easy-open energy supply system has achieved the IPA ISO Class 1 certification for cleanroom use.


In many industries, such as medical and pharmaceutical technology and production, contamination and air purity is absolutely essential. Any contamination can have a damaging impact on products and processes, and incur a range of costs and loss of profits. The e-skin corrugated tube from igus is now available for use to provide a safe, high-strength and flexible energy supply system without generating airborne particles which can contaminate the environment.


Enclosed structures and abrasion resistance for clean production


The design and material of the e-skin were the major factors in the acquisition of the IPS ISO Class 1 certification, through the Fraunhofer Institute. The corrugated tube is comprised of tribologically optimized, abrasion resistant plastic “shells,” which can easily be joined with a zipper type mechanism  to form a fully enclosed tube, which is highly resistant to dust, water, and other materials. This simultaneously provides the cleanroom-approved operation and quick installation and long-term protection of cables and hoses.


The easy-to-assemble e-skin is lightweight, with a stiff design and defined direction of motion, making it ideal for small spaces and short unsupported distances. Interior separation is also available for increased protection of cables and hoses.