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The all-around bearing solutions for food applications

The all-around bearing solutions for food applications

Product News Friday, July 15, 2016: igus

In the processing and packaging of food and drink, it is critical to avoid contaminants. Self-lubricating iglide A181 bearings offer the ability to provide excellent wear and corrosion resistant along with maintenance-free, clean operation.

The A181 material meets requirements set by the FDA and EU regulation 10/2011 EC, as well as RoHS specifications.  For maintenance-free performance without external lubrication, iglide A181 uses integrated dry lubrication, non-metallic, RoHS-approved materials and tribologically-optimized plastic blends to create a true all-around performer in both rotary and pivoting movements in bottling, packaging, and processing applications.

“Due to a variety of properties coupled with a good price/performance ratio, iglide A181 is very popular among our customers,” explained René Achnitz, head of the iglide plain bearings division of igus GmbH, Cologne, Germany.  iglide A181 bearings are available with or without flange, and are now available in nearly 200 metric and imperial dimensions, with diameters available up to 50 mm or 2 inches.

For further dimensions, or customized components, the A181 material is also available in bar stock in a range of diameters.  All standard iglide bearings, including the A181 series, are available from stock and with no minimum order quantity. For more information about iglide bearing materials, please visit