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EU fire protection with new igus compliant plastic bearing material

EU fire protection with new igus compliant plastic bearing material

Product News Wednesday, October 12, 2016: igus

Developed for railway vehicles, the new iglide RW370 material from igus complies with the EN 45545 fire protection standards.


In industries where special safety requirements are implemented, special component materials must be used. To comply with the EN regulation 45545, the new European fire protection standard for railway vehicles, igus has developed and released their new self-lubricating bearing material, iglide RW370. In addition to meeting these new industry standards, is also extremely resistant to wear, chemicals, and other media.


Solutions for the rail industry


Bearings made from RW370 have been extensively tested at the igus laboratory in Cologne, Germany, and they are well suited for door guides and hinges, as well as in rotating joints and adjustment mechanisms for seats and tables. In addition to the RW370 bearings, igus offers a wide range of components to suit the rail industry, including heavy duty bearings for gear and brake systems, and lead screw units for motion application in switchgears and drives for doors and ramps. Online product selection and lifetime calculation tools are also available to aid in the selection process for applications in the railway industry and beyond.


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