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COOLSAFE™ Pre-Insulated Piping System Introduced

COOLSAFE™ Pre-Insulated Piping System Introduced

Product News Monday, March 26, 2018: Asahi/America

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technologies, introduces COOLSAFE™ pre-insulated piping system for chilled media. COOLSAFE™ is a cost effective complete system consisting of a polyethylene inner layer, polyurethane insulation core, and polyethylene outer layer. Onsite installation labor is dramatically reduced because the pipe and fittings are pre-insulated at the factory.


Asahi/America's COOLSAFE™ installs easily using conventional butt or electrofusion welding methods. The PE-inner by PE-outer design allows the system to be simultaneously butt welded, saving installation time and providing a safer installation.


COOLSAFE™ components are molded and insulated to strict tolerances to ensure easy installation and long-term insulation of chilled media. COOLSAFE™ provides thermal conductivity better than 0.026 W/m-K (0.015 Btu-ft/h-ft2-F).


COOLSAFE™ is available in sizes 32mm – 250mm (1" – 10") and is in stock now at Asahi/America. The COOLSAFE™ pre-insulated piping system includes a complete range of fittings and is supported by Asahi/America's extensive welding equipment fleet. Asahi/America's Type-21 ball valves and Type-57 butterfly valves can be incorporated into the COOLSAFE™ system to control flow.


Ideal applications for Asahi/America's COOLSAFE™ piping system include commercial refrigeration, brewery and winery chilling, secondary cooling of food production, cold storage facilities, and central plant HVAC systems.