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Big Digital Counters - For Quantity Counting or Timing Applications

Big Digital Counters - For Quantity Counting or Timing Applications

Product News Monday, October 28, 2019: Mimic Components CC


100mm & 180mm High Digit Options

1.) WDCLK4100 (4-digit clock)                WDCLK6100 (6-digit clock) 

2.) WDCNT4100 (4-digit counter)              WDCNT6100 (6-digit counter)

3.) WDTIM4100 (4-digit timer)                     WDTIM6100 (6-digit timer)



The digital counter and clocks range has been designed specifically for the industrial market to count quantity or for time applications. These modules can be supplied with 4 or six digits up to 180mm high and with count/time backup on power failure. All inputs are isolated via opto-couplers giving the units flexibility with regards to the input voltage.

All the units are fitted in a rugged powder coated aluminium enclosure with wall mounting brackets on the sides. The displays are constructed from red high brightness seven segment LED displays giving excellent visibility over  large viewing area. The battery back-up function keeps the last-count or time, and blanks the display until the main supply is restored and then continues to function normally.

Re-adjusting the count or  time therefore is not required after a power failure. The counters/clocks have been upgraded with a high stability temperature compensated crystal oscillator to give an accuracy of 1 min per year from 0°C to 40°C.



  • Elapsed time counters (Stop, start & count)
  • Up / Down counters
  • 24 hour clocks

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