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Lite Pressure™ Lee Spring series provide the delicate touch

Lite Pressure™ Lee Spring series provide the delicate touch

Product News Monday, May 18, 2020: Lee Spring Ltd

The Lee Spring engineering team are aware there are many devices and equipment mechanisms that require a light touch – delicacy rather than power is the main requirement – coupled of course to consistent reliability and longevity in service with pressures in the single digit psi range.

The Lee Spring Lite Pressure™ range of compression springs is a high-performance response to that need for applications such as relief/check valves, pistons, motor brushes and controls, displays, syringes, control flanges, toys and dispensers.

The Lite Pressure™ compression spring series is ideal when a relatively low spring rate or workable load is needed in dimensions not normally available in a conventional compression spring. This makes the Lite Pressure™ series more responsive or sensitive to lighter loads than conventional compression springs. The springs are made of passivated and ultrasonically cleaned Stainless Steel type 316 for excellent corrosion resistance.

Following the Lee Spring ex-stock catalogue policy, Lite Pressure™ springs are available on rapid delivery to meet this very specific need, supported as always by their custom design service when required.

Further information on Lite Pressure™ springs from Lee Spring can be found at or by following them on Twitter -