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Elesa Visual Flow Indicators - now with Flow Meter sensor

Elesa Visual Flow Indicators - now with Flow Meter sensor

Product News Wednesday, April 21, 2021: Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa have announced that their high-quality visual flow indicators may now be specified as flow measurement devices with the addition of an external PLC compatible sensor and impellor mounted activating clips. This quickly adapts these units from passive indicators of flow - as protection against blockages for example - into active measurement equipment as part of the adjusting and updating of hydraulic system performance.

The new metering indicators are available in ¾ in and 1in sizes to suit many applications in fluid systems throughout industry where cooling or liquid transfer systems are employed. This will include process or manufacturing plant, e.g., for water, oil, petrochemical and hygienic area systems.

The new visual flow indicator sensor can be mounted in any external position correctly aligned with the indicator tube. The indicator can then operate in two-way liquid flows with a viscosity lower than 30cSt.

These Axial flow devices sit in the moving fluid causing the rotor to spin, which generates a pulsed signal proportional to the speed of the rotor, and so through calibration, gives the flow rate. It is important to allow the propeller adequate rotation with a minimum flow rate being required depending on the type of fluid and its viscosity. Above the minimum flow rate, the rotor starts to rotate with a speed proportional to the fluid flow, while the inductive sensor, completely separated from the liquid passage area, reads the movement of the two metal clips mounted on the rotor. This provides a frequency variation that can be transformed into a reading of the flow rate by connection to a PLC.

Elesa visual flow metering indicators feature a shaft and rotor propellor in red (optionally blue) Polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer, fitted with AISI 304 stainless steel sensor activating clips. The tubular housing in clear Borosilicate glass has high operational resistance and is also suitable for use with glycol-based solutions.

ELESA presents a wide range of useful accessories for increasingly sophisticated hydraulic systems which require reliable and high-performance components.

Further information regarding Elesa Visual Flow Indicators may be found here.