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New ESD range of castors and wheels from Elesa for sensitive and hazardous areas

New ESD range of castors and wheels from Elesa for sensitive and hazardous areas

Product News Tuesday, June 15, 2021: Elesa (UK) Ltd

New ESD wheels and castors from Elesa prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge and thereby offer protection to sensitive electronics and in hazardous environments. Elsewhere they increase operator comfort by allowing static to pass directly to ground rather than as a static shock through the individual. Typically, they find application in electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing, also hospitals, power stations and offshore oil and gas facilities. They are easily fitted to trollies and mobile workstations or instruments, also component stillages, carts and storage racks.

The Elesa range features high quality, easy to use, free-rolling wheels for fitting to custom axles integral to a trolly, or as fully assembled castors. Castor formats include fixed bracket and wheel for use as a stabilising pair, matched to a swivel pair, and wheel with fixed bracket or swivel bracket, also swivel bracket with total lock. Wheels offer up to 8000N static load capacity, while plate and stud mounting variants are available to allow steering and locking as needed.

Elesa ESD castors protect against static build up by use of special polyurethane tyres with electrical resistivity <10 9  Ω which prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge. RE.F5-ESD wheels are therefore suitable for applications in "ESD PROTECTED AREAS" where all components sensitive to electrostatic discharges must be treated with the minimum risk of damage. The electrical specifications meet the requirements of the ISO 22878:2004 standard.

This new introduction of ESD castors compliments the rest of the Elesa ESD range, which includes levelling feet, ball transfer units, bridge handles and fluted grip knobs.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.