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Elesa SAN components with silver ions for sanitisation against microbes, bacteria and fungi

Elesa SAN components with silver ions for sanitisation against microbes, bacteria and fungi

Product News Tuesday, June 15, 2021: Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa have recently been pleased to announce their new SAN range of lobe knobs, wing nuts, adjustable handles, knurled knobs and cylindrical fixed handles, with biocide active silver ions.

These new introductions reflect items commonly requested during the Covid pandemic and highlighted concerns, which have arisen in all areas of manually operated equipment.

This includes medical and hospital equipment, rehab and disability aids, machines in the pharmaceutical sector also urban and public fittings. Schools, public performance centres, leisure centres and similar are relevant areas where high pedestrian traffic levels lead to a high transfer of microbes, bacteria and fungi.

The silver ion inclusions work by breaking through the microbe cell wall where they interrupt the action of intracellular enzymes and attack the DNA of the nucleus to prevent cell replication.

Laboratory tests show that 98,9% of bacteria load is eliminated over a 24 hour period (ISO 22196: 2011). The controlled release mechanism of the silver ions ensures the antimicrobial characteristics are permanently maintained after numerous washing cycles, and even in sterilisation cycles up to 130°C.

The SAN range of standard industrial components in black or white is one of Elesa’s “High performing” lines. They are designed as smooth cavity free mouldings to enable thorough cleaning with normal washdown procedures.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.