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New Elesa SFX series hydraulic anti-splash breather caps, plus dipstick

New Elesa SFX series hydraulic anti-splash breather caps, plus dipstick

Product News Monday, December 6, 2021: Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa now offers a variety of different breather cap solutions to sealing hydraulic tank fillers while enabling air interchange as fluid is drawn from or returned to the hydraulic reservoir. These new caps enable pressure equalisation between the inside and outside of the tank while at the same time using proprietary labyrinth geometry of semi-discs as a major barrier to spillage. This is especially applicable when the equipment is used at variable angles with violent changes of orientation – e.g., for mobile equipment such as earthmoving-plant, or simply for machines in transit.

Two new designs are now offered by Elesa each with their own choices of configuration which includes an innovative clip-on external linear labyrinth as an additional anti-spill device and a dipstick for level checking.

The SFX is a new breather cap design with internal splash guard geometry which can also incorporate a "tech-foam" air filter in polyurethane foam mesh to protect the reservoir from external particles.

The additional anti-splash device consists of a snap-on set of semi-discs that fits at the mouth of the cap, and are made up of fins offset from each other designed to create an extra labyrinth to protect in the most critical cases of strong fluid agitation.

SFX+a also features the new splash guard options with anti-splash clip-on labyrinth now with the option of a flat dipstick in phosphatised steel. On request and for sufficient quantities dipsticks can be supplied in different lengths and/or complete with MAX-MIN level line.

Other special options include – a neutral cap without symbols and a cap in RAL 3000 red colour - also the threaded fixing is available with American conical gas threading NPT - ANSI-ASME B1-20.

Further information regarding Elesa breather caps may be found here.