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Stepper Drivers SMD103-I and SMD506-I

Stepper Drivers SMD103-I and SMD506-I

Product News Tuesday, July 18, 2006: Quadrant Plastics

stepper drivers SMD103-I and SMD506-I

The stepper drivers SMD103-I and SMD506-I of the company AEC are represented for Europe by Delta Line Europe.

These products are especially suitable for the moving and micro-moving of stand-alone mechanical systems or parts of intelligent machines.

The solid firmware allows you to carry out complex sequences of movements, as well as giving you the possibility to communicate in RS485 and protocols, as well as proprietary, Can-Open, Modbus.

Together with the excellent high-torque DPM stepper motors (also distributed by Delta Line Europe), they form a unit worthy to face even the most supercharged applications.

Particular attention should be paid to the parameterisable drivers, mod. SMD506-S. These drives do not need to be programmed: you just have to personalise a series of parameters inherent to the driver, so that it carries out the sequences of movements corresponding to the work modes already decided. This model is used especially in labelling machine heads, turning tables, tool change and many other applications.

The proposed range covers a wide variety of needs, from 3 to 8A peak, from 24 to 120Vdc, simple drives and intelligent models, communication in RS232, 485 with proprietary field bus, Modbus, Can-Open. In the intelligent models, inputs and outputs that can be configured are also available.

A mnemonic metalanguage “MIL” allows you to programme the drivers in STAND-ALONE mode, or coupled with a computer or a laptop. The language is very simple and intuitive; the instructions allow you to generate both linear and physiological ramps, and also to manage the inputs and outputs and the complex sequences of movements.