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Zeitlauf Planetary Gearhead Performax

Zeitlauf Planetary Gearhead Performax

Product News Tuesday, July 18, 2006: Quadrant Plastics

Planetary gear heads that set new standards - Performax

Motion Component Solution specialist Delta Line Europe presents the new Zeitlauf Performax planetary gear head range, which distinguishes itself from the rest of the market with its smooth-running, power density and long service life. The range has been designed as a modular system throughout, thus significantly reducing the number of parts and processing stages required. In the first stage the gear heads have helical teeth and, despite standardisation, offer numerous possibilities for customisation.

The range with 42, 52 and 63 mm diameters is suitable for installing on any type of motor in the performance range up to 425 W. The single stage varieties work with reductions of up to 17: 1, those with two stages with reductions up to 204: 1. Three-stage variants can also be implemented, depending on the construction dimension needs.

The gear heads transmit outputs up to a maximum of 125 W, 300 W and 425 W. They are among the shortest and smoothest-running planetary gear heads on the market today. With this level of flexibility standard designs can be supplied in quantities of up to 20 within very short lead times.

Today’s designers are demanding smooth-running drives with high power to size to weight ratios all at the very competitive prices. In the past this usually meant a compromise in one way or the other because the production of top quality, smooth-running planetary gear heads, was inevitably costly, not with Performax.

The Performax single-stage planetary gear head consists of a sturdy, die-cast housing into which a plastic hollow wheel with helical teeth is inserted to interlock with the planetary wheels.

This is beneficial in a number of ways.

The annulus gear is moulded just like the other planetary wheels, i.e. in comparison to the customary hobbing process it dispenses with expensive processing. At the same time, fewer processing steps are required because the precisely manufactured plastic parts no longer require post-processing. The two-stage planetary gear head is built in the same way as in the first stage. The second stage has straight teeth, with the teeth cast straight into the zinc die-cast housing. The high density of the basic material and the existing die cast skin ensure optimum protection from wear.
Despite the extensive standardisation of the modular components, for the design of the gear heads – depending on the desired quantity – individual customer wishes can be taken into account, for example in the selection of basic materials for the toothed parts and in the design of the customer and motor interface.

Performax products are ideally suited to typical applications within the Medical, Factory, Automation, Textile, Semi conductor, Printing and labelling market segments.

The Delta Line Europe organisation is progressive Sales and Marketing focussed Motion Components Solution provider with a particular expertise in the area of precision miniature devices, which includes miniature DC motors, Brushless Motors, Tin Can, Hybrid and Disc Magnet stepper motors as well as spur and planetary gearboxes, for applications in the medical, factory automation, instrumentation and industrial market segments. The company’s aim is to offer the best in class motion component solution by supplying a complete engineered solution from specification to the completed assembly.

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