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Integration Options Grow for Threaded Proximity Sensors

Integration Options Grow for Threaded Proximity Sensors

Product News Tuesday, January 17, 2012: SoftNoze USA Inc

Frankfort, NY, January 10, 2012- SoftNoze USA Inc the global leader in sensor integration components announces new model numbers and an expanded line of Blockstyle Mounts, fabricated from Delrin® plastic. The BM-PT models are designed to help machine builders and control professionals quickly attached threaded, tubular, sensors into a wide variety of machine settings. Solutions include models for; M8x1, M12x1, M18x1 and M30x1.5 sensors, and offers an ability to customize the model numbers for tailored fit dimensions. Proximity sensors are the work horse of presence detection within factory automation, as well as a huge host of commercial equipment. The BM-PT solutions make putting these sensors into service faster.

Fabricated from strong, high-strength engineered plastic resin, the main body offers a secure foundation for sensors. A complete set of stainless steel fasteners is supplied with each kit, consisting of two each of a; socket head machine screw, lock and flat washer, plus the mating nut. The Block Mount body and fasteners makes sensor installation a simple process. Results give machine designs a professional look.

President of SoftNoze USA, Brett Truett offers, “Machine design is complex and engineers have all they can do to stay ahead of the competition and current with many different technologies required in their line of work. Teaming with SoftNoze, by way of the expanded line of Block Mounts, engineers have more time for critical design and test functions. SoftNoze allows them to focus on design competences, while we’re happy to focus on sensor brackets”.

The BM-PT products include for base models and can be expanded by selecting options such as shims, risers and extensions, as well as quick-turn customizations. Basic models start at $18 USD and ship from stock.