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Pneumatic Weigh Filling System Conveys, Weighs & Discharges

Pneumatic Weigh Filling System Conveys, Weighs & Discharges

Product News Tuesday, February 14, 2012: Flexicon Corporation

A pneumatic gain-in-weight filling system for free-flowing bulk solids conveys and weighs the material, and discharges it into bulk bags.

The filter receiver of the Pneumati-Con® vacuum dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system is mounted on load cells, enabling the system controller to weigh incoming material at high rates, and then at steady dribble-feed rates, stopping the flow once an accurate batch weight has been reached.

Pressing a "fill" button on the control panel actuates a bag inflation blower on the Twin-Centerpost™ bulk bag filler to remove creases in the bag, and opens a slide gate valve at the outlet of the filter receiver, allowing the weighed batch to gravity discharge into the bag at high rates, as a vibratory deck densifies the material to stabilize the bag.  A secondary set of load cells mounted beneath the bulk bag filler allows the system to confirm the final weight of the filled bulk bag.

A port within the discharge spout vents displaced air and dust to a remote bag house.

The controller then releases the bag straps and deflates the spout seal, allowing the operator to tie-off the spout and remove the filled bag.

Connecting an empty bag consists of attaching the bag straps, pulling the spout over the inflatable collar, and pushing a spout inflator button.

While filled bags are being removed and empty bags attached, a subsequent batch is being conveyed to the filter receiver and weighed, ready for another fill cycle.

The company also manufactures other types of pneumatic conveying systems, batching systems and bulk bag fillers, as well as flexible screw conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, drum/box/container dumpers, bag dump stations, and integrated plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls, all of which are available to industrial, food and pharmaceutical standards.

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