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Smart Work from OGP

Smart Work from OGP

Product News Friday, August 25, 2006: OGP UK Limited

Smart Work from OGP

OGP inc. has further enhanced its comprehensive range of non-contact measuring machines by adding a Renishaw TP20 touch probe to the SmartScope MVP, equipping this budget priced machine with a true multi-sensor capability. The enhanced SmartScope MVP, being Showcased on OGP UK’s stand 5358, has been configured to provide a flexible, low cost measurement capability, for small batch producers such as tool makers, engineering or plastic sub-contractors and R&D facilities.

The MVP has a bench top configuration with a measuring envelope of up to 300mm x 300mm x 150mm and is accurate to within 3.5 microns. Standard configuration includes a high resolution colour camera combined with a 6.5:1 zoom lens and advanced, patented, LED lighting. Optionally a Renishaw TP20 probe can be installed to provide a seamless link between the non-contact and contact sensors. This multi-sensor functionality is particularly useful when a component has small complex features that require the video for detection, but also includes three dimensional features, such as internal bores, that require touch probe measurement. Operators simply select the required sensor from a drop down menu in the measurement software Measure X.

Measure X is an easy to use, yet powerful, geometric metrology software which allows operators to select features for manual or fully automatic operation. Geometric tolerances are calculated and reported from the parameters entered, to meet ANSI or ISO standards.

Results can be printed in customizable formats or automatically stored for Statistical Process Control.

High resolution images can be retained during inspection and used as visual records for defect analysis.

The SmartScope MVP provides features and functionality pioneered on more advanced machines and is ideal when a purchaser is looking to maximize capability from a limited budget.