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Mecmesin ups the force with new 50kN force test system

Mecmesin ups the force with new 50kN force test system

Product News Monday, February 27, 2012: Mecmesin Limited

Mecmesin’s premium range of computer-controlled force test systems gain in loading ability, with the launch of a 50kN twin-column tester. The MultiTest 50-i joins Mecmesin’s family of affordable tension and compression measurement systems, popularly used within QC laboratories and by manufacturers worldwide, with complex applications, requiring sophisticated programming and post-test data interrogation tools.


This high capacity force test system marks a significant milestone for the company’s test system capabilities. An increased clearance between the columns of 420mm and sample height of up to 1330mm (measured without load cell or grips), means quality professionals can now measure tension and compression characteristics of larger, higher strength samples, with Mecmesin’s same high standard of performance and accuracy.


Controlled via Mecmesin’s windows-based Emperor™ software, users can create test routines to meet their exact specifications and changing needs. Tests can be viewed as a ‘live’ event, via a graphical display shown on a PC screen, enabling critical observation of sample performance. A suite of calculations provides ample post-test data interrogation tools to pinpoint and evaluate mechanical properties of every sample in intricate detail.


Where personnel safety or risk of contamination is a factor, a special guard can be adjoined to the system, sealing the test zone to prevent any accidental damage or injury.