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Interchangeable (RT Curve-Matched) NTC Thermistors

Interchangeable (RT Curve-Matched) NTC Thermistors

Product News Monday, March 5, 2012: ATC Semitec Ltd

ATC Semitec’s SP interchangeable series is a range of NTC thermistors that offers very high precision (±0.2°C 0~70C or better) at significantly lower pricing to that of existing interchangeable NTCs.


Readily available from stock, these new high accuracy NTCs mean that now a wider range of users can cost-effectively achieve more accurate temperature control and thus more energy-efficient and comfortable working environments.


The main features of the SP thermistor range are as follows;


R25 Values                           :  From 1kΩ to 100kΩ

Accuracy                              :  ±0.2K from 0°C~70°C

Temperature Range              :  -40°C/+150°C

Fast Response                     :  2.6mm Bead Size


Insulated and miniature (0.5mm dia.) versions available.



Call today for evaluation samples and ex-stock pricing.