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IP67 Rated Temperature Sensors

IP67 Rated Temperature Sensors

Product News Monday, March 5, 2012: ATC Semitec Ltd

One of the main problems with temperature sensors is the ingress of moisture which can seriously affect the sensor performance - the weakest point often being the lead/sensor interface.


So ATC Semitec offers the AT-11 series of TPE encapsulated sensors where the leads and sensor are made from the same material.  This creates a waterproof barrier which is rated to IP67 and can operate upto 105°C.


These cost-effective sensors ensure absolute integrity when used in outdoor locations (e.g. heat pumps) as well as in under-floor heating and other HVAC applications.


Accurate to ±0.3deg.C at 25deg.C and rated to 3kV, the AT-11 sensors offer peace of mind in applications where moisture ingress has previously been a problem.

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