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Monitoring & Control of Fuel Usage in Engines & Power Generation Systems

Monitoring & Control of Fuel Usage in Engines & Power Generation Systems

Product News Thursday, April 5, 2012: icenta Controls Ltd

Due to recent oil price increases, icenta has seen a growth in demand for instrumentation aimed at monitoring and control of fuel usage, particularly in engines and power generation systems.

Typical fuel related applications include:

  • Provision of accurate fuel usage data for consumption monitoring, refuelling and billing purposes
  • Highlighting poor engine performance with increases in normal fuel consumption
  • Identifying possible fuel leaks and theft by comparison of fill-up records with total fuel usage
  • Cumulative fuel totaliser can be used for determining engine service intervals
  • Pinpointing optimal engine speed under any load or operating condition
  • Optimising control and refuelling services by means of fuel consumption data logging with remote telemetry

In response, icenta can offer a range of instrumentation and control solutions for monitoring fuel usage through flow rate and tank level measurement.

Flow metering options include:

Flowmate series of oval gear flow meters

Compact flow sensors with simple, robust construction

Built in pulse signal generator for remote control and instantaneous net fuel usage

Cost-effective yet accurate solution for low flow ranges up to 500 l/hr

Standard aluminium units for diesel; stainless steel version for biofuels

Manufactured by OVAL Corporation of Japan, specialists in flow measurement for over 60 years

Successful applications include fuel consumption monitoring, diesel metering in fuel injection testing equipment, fuel cell research and leakage monitoring of aviation components

Can be interfaced with a data logger or acquisition system for recording fuel usage


KRAL volumeter OME series of high accuracy, economy flow meters

Excellent accuracy over a wide range of flows

Optional temperature compensation for optimised accuracy

Follows any rapid fluctuations in the flow causes by pulsations

OMIL approval for custody transfer


Tank level measurement options include:

EchoPod series of non-contact ultrasonic level sensors

Combines switch, control and measurement capabilities in one package, providing a total solution for level control whilst minimising tank system hardware

Automatic temperature compensation, high accuracy, no moving or exposed parts and low maintenance

Compact design allows for installation where there are limited mounting options and space

Four internal programmable relays, a 4-20mA analog output and pump/valve control in a single sensor 

Rugged PVDF transducer and polycarbonate enclosure for corrosive, dirty or hazardous applications


To find out more about our solutions for monitoring fuel usage or to discuss your application, please contact icenta Controls Ltd, tel: +44 1722 741890 email: