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Bishop-Wisecarver Introduces New Radial Wheel

Bishop-Wisecarver Introduces New Radial Wheel

Product News Monday, June 4, 2012: Bishop-Wisecarver Corp

Pittsburg, CA - June 4, 2012 - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation® announced today the launch of its latest addition to the MadeWell product line: The Radial Wheel, a single-row deep-groove ball bearing designed for applications with specified radial loading conditions.

The highly anticipated launch stems from a need for this type of bearing in a variety of industrial markets, said Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver, manufacturer of the original DualVee® Guide Wheel and industry leader in guided linear and rotary motion technologies.

"Customers familiar with our products were asking for a linear guide wheel like this, a product that met the need for applications with specified radial loading conditions, not axial, and we are happy to have designed a solution that meets their demands," Kan said. "This comes as a major innovation in the industry, making it possible to put your design in motion accurately, quietly and economically with all the benefits of quality, durability and ease of use."

The new wheel makes it less costly to achieve effortless, reliable motion in environments exposed to debris- like those with sawdust or grit, where traditional linear bearings fail. Because their purpose is so tailored to specified radial loading conditions, the linear bearings are simple to install. They make it possible to convey heavy loads without additional capabilities unnecessary to the application requirements.

The 90-degree vee-groove bearings work well in finished products like sliding wall panels, motorized doors and windows, heavy duty drawers and commercial or high-end furniture.

"Our new Radial Wheels are designed for applications that involve low axial loading," said Bishop-Wisecarver Vice President of Engineering Ali Jabbari. "With their slimmer profile and lower cost, Radial Wheels fill a gap in our current product offering and provide engineers with further flexibility to design cost-effective and compact solutions."

The new wheels come in carbon steel or stainless steel and in three primary sizes with outside diameters ranging from 0.774 to 1.803 inches. All sizes can travel at speeds up to 5.5 meters a second. The custom designed ball bearing was made for use with the 90-degree running surface of our vee edge track, a linear bearing raceway with polished running surfaces.

"This new product is a game-changer for the woodworking industry, to name one example, since it can be easily designed into process machinery or as an addition to finished goods," said Bishop-Wisecarver Project Engineer Brian Burke. "It is now more budget-friendly to accomplish smooth and reliable radial movements in heavily debris-contaminated environments, where comparable technologies seize up."

Burke said the new product works well in nearly every industry, including transportation, material handling, robotics, printing, power transmission and railway, automotive, architecture, consumer products, controls, general automation and lab automation, to name a few. This product will also meet the needs of many DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists.

"The quality and precision of MadeWell Radial Wheels can provide unrivaled performance and durability for many designers creating heavy duty drawers, quiet sliding windows and doors, and other adjustable components," he added. "The possibilities are endless."

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