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Comer Industries at Windpower USA: competence and innovation for the wind sector

Comer Industries at Windpower USA: competence and innovation for the wind sector

Company News Wednesday, June 27, 2012: Comer Industries

Reggiolo (RE), 3 June 2012 - Thanks to sound technical skills and strong partnership experience with major wind generator manufacturers, Comer Industries designs, produces and sells integrated Yaw & Pitch systems, in particular for the multi MegaWatt (MW) class of latest-generation turbines. The entire design and production processes are managed according to Lean 6 Sigma methodology for product and process excellence.

Organized by American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), with large amount of visitors and over 1,000 exibiting companies, WINDPOWER is the only annual event reserved to wind energy industry in the United States.

Compactness and reliability: solutions for turbine rotation and orientation (PG 1904 LFP, PG 4205 LFPE and the new PG 1603 DSP)

Comer Industries will be presenting at Windpower 2012 the new PG 1904 LFP series: it is distinguished by extreme efficiency, power transmission with extremely small overall dimensions and weights (high power density) and the use of systems for overcoming heavy-duty operating conditions with very little need for maintenance.

The PG 4205 LFPE represents the completion of the range of Yaw reduction units available from Comer Industries. Made entirely according to concepts developed by the company in the wind-power sector for Yaw applications and fully tested in the Mechatronics Research Center, the PG 4205 LFPE is a highly efficient solution able to reach the highest levels of power transmission. The new PG 1603 DSP features a new-concept torque-limiting device and a newly-designed pinion support, expressly conceived for the wind-power sector. The PG 1603 DSP series is distinguished by extreme compactness, internal safety systems highly-reliable in all weather conditions and very low and easy on-site maintenance. The PG series has been designed to cater for the operating precision and strength requirements of the rotation system (bearing ring - pinion) in cases of structural deformation caused by the stresses which the system has to bear. Yaw units are equipped with electric motor and feature the new torque-limiting device designed to absorb unexpected overloads due to the the control system and/or external load conditions.

Dynamic control for accurate blade positioning, including at low temperatures: the slewing drive PGA 703 LFPE

The PGA 703 LFPE slewing drive transmits a continuous torque of 7,000 Nm and a max torque of 20,000 Nm. The unit ensures minimum angular clearance in order to provide accurate blade positioning and avoid dangerous stresses and vibrations affecting the generator structure, thus extending the life of the output pinion supports and providing extensive modularity for better positioning in the compact spaces inside the hub.

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