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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

555 Winderley Place Suite 300
United States of America

Tel: +1 321 280-2742
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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. announces new partnerships in South America, Africa and SE Asia

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. announces new partnerships in South America, Africa and SE Asia

Company News Wednesday, August 22, 2012: Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. a USA based manufacturer and wholesale supplier of sustainable water treatment, filtration, purification solutions and components worldwide is proud to formally announce the expansion of their companies distribution network in South America, Africa and the Philippines.

Genesis Water Technologies solutions provide reduced cost and increased operation efficiency which reduces the water footprint and government compliance costs across many industries. Its GWT series solar powered water purification solutions have provided opportunities to address issues related to providing solutions for the removal of water borne diseases and other contaminants where there is little or no power infrastructure available. GWT waste water treatment and air filtration solutions address pollution control and water discharge issues in many industries. Lastly, their sea water desalination solutions incorporate technology to reduce power consumption and operating costs with increased water production rates.

Nick Nicholas, Sales Manager/Business Development for Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. states, “These agreements will open these distinct markets for our companies products in a shorter time frame to help many people and companies in industry to obtain clean water in an environmentally conscious way.

Genesis Water Technologies and their distribution partners have conducted extensive market studies and are in the process of continual expansion of their customer bases.

We look forward to working with our new distribution partners to continue to tackle the issues of water contaminants and scarcity with innovation solutions into the future.


About Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.
Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a vibrant, innovative supplier of environmentally friendly water treatment, waste water treatment, purification, and air and water filtration solutions and components. Their wide range of products are provided to water equipment distributors/dealers, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients worldwide. Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to listening and responding to their customers requirements and are continuously changing and expanding their product offerings to serve the needs of their customers.

For more details about Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. visit their company website at or contact them directly at 877-2699 or +1 407 721 4857.