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Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

160 Bevan Drive
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Failure Analysis Services from Metallurgical for the Motorsports Industry

Failure Analysis Services from Metallurgical for the Motorsports Industry

Service News Tuesday, August 28, 2012: Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.


Metallurgical Failure Analysis - Forensic Engineering

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. routinely performs failure analysis services for the top NASCAR racing teams. Race teams count on MTi's failure analysis to help determine causes of failure so the problem can be corrected before the next race. They also test new components before installation to ensure that the best possible component available is used.

All race teams strive for one thing: a consistent, unstoppable racecar that will finish up front. MTi's expert metallurgists are a key component in achieving this goal and a race team's winning season. See what MTi's Motorsports clients have to say on the company's testimonials page.

For a sample analysis of a pitted racing valve with pictures and elaborate details, click here. 

Forensic examination of a failed component can prevent recurring failures, help with preventive detection, and suggest remedies. If you have a component failure that requires a failure analysis, please take a moment to fill in the contact information request form and they will gladly give you an estimate.

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