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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc Announces GWT Series Unique Natural Zeolite Media

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc Announces GWT Series Unique Natural Zeolite Media

Product News Tuesday, September 18, 2012: Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Charlotte, NC - September 10, 2012


Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. a vibrant USA based water/waste water treatment, filtration, and

purification solutions manufacturer and supplier is excited to formally announce their new GWT series

unique natural zeolite media for water/waste water treatment and air filtration applications.


Around the world there is an increasing need for environmentally safe methods of providing high-quality

drinking water and for the treatment of a wide range of commercial, industrial, and municipal water

contamination and air pollution issues.


GWT zeolite natural media is an inorganic micro porous alumino-silicate material with many unique

filtration properties including a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) versus comparative zeolite media

products. This media is a cost effective, environmentally safe solution for treating water, waste water and

air pollution contaminants.


Our GWT series unique natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) media has many applications in the following areas:


Waste Water Treatment/Pollution Control

Water Treatment

Aquaculture /Fishing Industry


Industrial Oil/Gas

Radioactive Water Treatment



Food/Beverage Industry

Air Filtration Applications - Odor Control/Absorbent for hydrogen sulfide, mercury, dioxins


“Genesis Water Technologies is proud of their GWT series natural zeolite media product solutions,"

said Nick Nicholas, Sales Manager for Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. "The GWT series unique

natural zeolite media provides our clients with an effective solution to increase system productivity,

lower capital outlay, and operating costs for a wide range of water, waste treatment and filtration



About Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a vibrant, innovative manufacturer/supplier of environmentally friendly water

treatment, purification, and filtration equipment solutions and components. Their wide range of products

are provided to water equipment distributors/dealers, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients

worldwide. Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to listening and responding to their customers

requirements and are continuously changing and expanding their product offerings to serve the needs of

their customers.


For more details about Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. and their new GWT Series unique natural zeolite

media solutions visit their company website at or contact them directly at

877-267-3699 or 407 721 4857 for more information.