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CompAir partners with Habitat for Humanity

CompAir partners with Habitat for Humanity

Company News Tuesday, October 23, 2012: CompAir SA (Pty) Ltd

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CompAir South Africa transforms a community by building a house in 5 days

CompAir South Africa partners with Habitat for Humanity In a Corporate Blitz Build – Orange Farm, South Africa

CompAir South Africa was honoured to partner with Habitat for Humanity for the first time and participated in the Corporate Blitz Build in Orange Farm, a township not far from Johannesburg.  A total of 50 houses were built in the week 1-5 October 2012 with over 6000 corporate volunteers participating.   The objective on the Blitz Build was to build a house for a beneficiary family in only 5 days – from the pre-laid foundation to the roof.   The first day co-incided with World Habitat for Humanity Day and we were addressed by the United Nations Habitat for Humanity Officer-in-Charge, Pinky Vilakazi and other dignatories.

The houses built by Habitat for Humanity are not handouts – the beneficiary family has to own the piece of land and one family member must have employment.  They pay a small amount back into the revolving fund which facilitates the building of more houses,  the education and training of future beneficiaries and builders.  They are also required to volunteer on future builds in their community and must leave the house in a will to a member of their family.  Fortunately, each house being built during the week, was allocated a Habitat for Humanity trained builder plus a crew leader, so we needed no building skills.

Our beneficiary’s name is Johanna Thabane, 66 years of age, who has lived in abject poverty and has never lived under bricks and mortar.  She lives in a shack with her grandchildren and her son, Thabo, who was our trained crew leader. 

Our volunteers comprised our employees and distributors were invited to attend. We created a different work group for each day and our employees were tasked with mixing cement, moving and laying exterior and interior bricks, placing window and door frames in place, making windowsills, roofing and a little landscaping.

This was the best form of teambuilding possible – it was meaningful.  A lot of fun was had along with sweat equity donated by our volunteers and wonderful memories were made.  It was also a very humbling experience.  We were able to experience township life and interacted with the community.  We have made a profound impact on the lives of the beneficiary family, who will benefit in terms of health, education, work prospects, self-esteem and dignity by having a decent place to live.  And we have left a lasting legacy of which we are very proud.

Marc Willmers, Business Director, said "The Habitat for Humanity build was a tremendous opportunity for the Gardner Denver team in South Africa to interact act with and assist those who are less fortunate.  After the build, employees spoke to me about the pride and humility they felt taking part in this project.  My thanks to all those who were involved in this and we wish the Thabane family well in their new home."

Madeleine Colyn

CompAir SA

Habitat team leader