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Telesis Technologies, Inc.

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Company News Thursday, November 15, 2012: Telesis Technologies, Inc.


John Heinrich
Voice:  740-420-6527

Fax: 740-477-5001




Fremont, CA – November 10, 2012 -- Telesis Technologies Inc., a world leader in manufacturing standard and customized marking, coding and engraving equipment, demonstrates a unique commercial marking application for the wine industry.
iProof, a leading provider of authentication and integrated marketing solutions, has partnered with suppliers to develop a laser engraveable mask for high end glass containers and packaging. iProof’s system utilizes a Telesis laser to embed unique iProof authentication strings into variable QR codes. These QR codes coupled with the iProof system provides for individualization, tracking, authentication and consumer marketing.

Variable QR Codes are a great way to digitally engage your consumers, track purchases and protect your brand at the same time.

Each bottle is laser etched with a single use (one time) variable QR readable code. Consumers would scan the code located on the bottle using the Integrated Proof Systems (iProof) unique mobile app to authenticate their purchase and learn more about products and events.

The mobile laser marking station for iProof was developed by Make Your Numbers, Inc. Make Your Numbers, Inc. combined the laser with a secure Windows based front end to manage and track the use of each iProof mark. The system was designed to provide easy start-ups and access in multiple locations. The cart includes an integrated laser marking station, fume extraction, beam shielding, as well as the operator interface and controls. The front end controls guaranteed that each unique (psuedo-random) PIN code was only printed once and that complete data logs were maintained relative to production information.

“The EVC solid state air cooled Vanadate laser has proven itself to be a very capable and cost effective next generation tool for coding and marking. It is ideal for marking on metals, foils, plastics and composites for the Food and Beverage, consumer, and confectionary markets. Having a working knowledge of these demanding market requirements, we’ve designed and manufactured a solid state laser that provides unprecedented lifetime having a diode lifetime exceeding 200,000 hours MTTF. Compared with other coding and marking technologies, the EVC Laser System offers a best in class level of reliability,” said Merrill Apter, Vice President, Sales for Telesis. “Due to the rugged and robust mechanical and optical design, this laser marking system can operate in harsh industrial environments where shock, vibration and dust often cause problems for conventional marking equipment.”

Telesis EVC Laser is integrated with the Telesis Merlin® II LS Laser Marking software, a Windows®-based package that comes standard with every Telesis laser marking system. Merlin® II LS offers a graphical user interface that makes coding and message design quick and easy.

iProof is a leading provider of authentication and integrated marketing solutions. Each iProof implementation enables clients to track products, authenticate purchases and engage consumers in one seamless solution. Clients thwart diversion and counterfeiting while increasing sales at the same time. Their clients include printers and packagers for major luxury brands including Vintners, Spirits, Perfumes and Clothing manufacturers around the world. Visit them on the web at or contact Erik Harvey via email at

Telesis Technologies Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing standard and customized permanent parts marking equipment and systems—including gas, solid state and fiber
laser, mechanical PinStamp®, and BenchMark® dot-peen systems and TeleScribe® scribe marking systems. Since 1971, Telesis has provided durable and accurate parts marking capabilities to companies the world over, from small shops to Fortune 100 manufacturing firms and governmental organizations. Telesis is now the most trusted brand in the coding and packaging industry. For more information on Telesis Technologies Inc., visit our web site at .

Make Your Numbers specializes in combining the best technologies (inkjet, software and cameras) for commercial printing applications such as serialization, PIN coding and variable bar codes. Located in the Atlanta Georgia area and servicing the continental United States and Canada.

For more information about iProof, visit Contact Erik Harvey by email at

For more information about Telesis Technologies, contact Merrill Apter by phone at (510) 413- 1771, or email:

For more information about Make Your Numbers: Contact Jack Walsh by phone at (800) 917-1569, or email:



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