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Give Eland’s Traffic Signal Cables the Green Light

Give Eland’s Traffic Signal Cables the Green Light

Product News Thursday, November 29, 2012: Eland Cables

Our Traffic Signal Range consists of two cables that are vital to successful traffic management.

The first, our Traffic Signal Cable to BS 6346, is predominately used to interconnect signal equipment within permanent traffic light systems, but is also suitable for other applications that require high core configuration and mechanical robustness.

The second cable in this range is our Loop Feeder Cable, whose main use is to connect traffic lights to a central control management system.

Our Traffic Signal Cables are high in quality, competitively priced and provide exceptional performance for your traffic management applications. What’s more, Eland Cables provide a full support service to accompany your order, from excellent customer service delivered by our internal sales team, to thorough technical and logistical support from our experienced and committed Technical and Quality Assurance Team.

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