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VW’s 260-MPG Diesel Hybrid Concept May Actually Get Built

VW’s 260-MPG Diesel Hybrid Concept May Actually Get Built

Company News Monday, December 17, 2012: EngNet - Engineering Network

Volkswagen’s latest eye-catching creation, the ultra-efficient diesel-hybrid XL1, debuted at the Qatar Auto Show, immediately garnering attention both for its looks and its specs. But according to German publication Automobilwoche (warning: German), VW actually intends to bring the XL1 to market, albeit in a (very) limited run.

The XL1 boasts both a teeny two-cylinder diesel and a teeny plug-in electric engine–the diesel engine puts out 48hp and the electric only 27hp–so though it may look like an electric supercar (its body shape was inspired by a dolphin’s), it’s far less super in the muscle department. Early impressions from drivers seems positive–Autocar liked the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and the gull-wing doors, though wished the engine had a bit more oomph behind it.

But that lack of power is responsible for maybe the most impressive spec VW’s been circulating: An astronomical 261 MPG fuel efficiency. Hopefully VW will be able to retain that spec while it goes through the process of making the XL1 street-legal, even though it seems like the car is not destined for a large release. Automobilwoche reports that a limited run of 100 cars is being produced, destined first for Germany and then for the States and China. No word on the other essentials, like price, but we’re definitely excited for the prospect of such a gorgeous and efficient car on the streets.

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