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Flow Control

Flow Control

Product News Tuesday, December 18, 2012: FCE Technical Services

Controlling flow of air, gases and liquids is a common requirement in standard industrial and process control applications. The F-series flow monitor uses differential pressure technology to measure flow with ranges as low as 2-20 SCFH (57 SLPH-570 SLPH) up to a maximum of 25 SCFM- 250 SCFM (708 SLPM -7080 SLPM).

This flow monitor can be teamed up with one of Proportion-Air’s proportional control valves to control the flow of air and gases through the same flow ranges. Flow output will be linear and proportional based on your command signal input.

A monitor signal is available on the control valve for use as data acquisition to your PLC or computer. Update time of the flow monitor/flow control is extremely fast so the flow control package can be used for pneumatic cylinder speed control also.

The FCV is a valve that can be used for liquids and gases. It has a maximum Cv of 19. Because of its parabolic valve trim design, the flow output is linear and proportional based on your command signal input.

The FCV is closed loop around position of the valve so the opening and closing of the valve is linear and proportional based on the analog command signal given.