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Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd

Unit 11
Bingswood Industrial Estate
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High Peak
SK23 7LY
United Kingdom

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Wind Turbine Spare Parts

Wind Turbine Spare Parts

Product News Wednesday, February 6, 2013: Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd is a global specialist supplier of brakes, clutches, couplings and friction material to all types of industry. Our in depth technical knowledge and experience ensures that we are able to offer the best possible clutch/brake solution for each and every application.

One of the biggest industries which we supply to is the Wind Power industry. We have been supplying wind turbine brakes and wind turbine brake pads for many years, shipping across the world.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd are now supplying Wind Turbine Spare Parts. The following are some examples of the spare parts which we offer:

To download a PDF of the Wind Turbine Spare Parts please click here.