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Telesis Technologies, Inc.

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NEW: Vari-Z FQ30 3-Axis Laser Marker

NEW: Vari-Z FQ30 3-Axis Laser Marker

Product News Tuesday, April 9, 2013: Telesis Technologies, Inc.


John Heinrich
Voice:  740-420-6527

Fax: 740-477-5001



Telesis Announces The

NEW: Vari-Z FQ30 3-Axis Laser Marker 


Features 30 W Telesis Fiber Laser Technology

VARI-Z SERIES Series of solid state laser marking systems are perfectly suited  for advanced applications that require the  processing of non-flat parts, multiple or  uneven surfaces. The 3-Axis beam deflection systems enable processing in three dimensions. The focusing optic is galvo  motor-driven, enabling it to quickly generate continuously variable stepwise image  field sizes and the longest standard working distance available in the industry up to  a total focused depth of 78mm. This allows the user to change the working distance, field and spot size with the same galvo head, all under software control. With 3-Axis Marking, you can maintain a consistent system focus and fluence throughout the working volume to achieve deeper engraving as well as faster material  removal. This functionality can be added to both the EV series and FQ series of laser markers.


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