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Missing Vitamins

Missing Vitamins

Company News Monday, April 29, 2013: AP Dataweigh

The Problem:

A leading packager of vitamin products needed assurance that sealed vitamin packs contained the 3, 4, 5, or 6 vitamins they were specified to contain. Customer complaints about missing vitamins had sky rocketed since line speed had been increased to 420 packs per minute.

The Solution:

AP Dataweigh designed a dual lane HR model Checkweigher to measure and reject/pass all packs coming out of the packaging machine. Each lane had the capability to measure 210 packs per minute within .1 grams. Packs with missing vitamins were rejected and reworked. Customer complaints about missing vitamins plummeted and the hourly inspectors on the line were removed.

The Payback:

Hourly inspectors were eliminated, complaints for missing vitamins went to zero and packaging machine malfunctions were identified and corrected immediately rather than hours later.

Investment – $70,000

Savings – $140,000 per year

Payback – 182 days

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