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Warley Design helps develop next-generation optical repeater for subsea cable systems

Warley Design helps develop next-generation optical repeater for subsea cable systems

Service News Tuesday, June 18, 2013: Warley Design Solutions Ltd.

Warley Design Solutions, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of Mechanical Design & Engineering Services, has helped Xtera Communications Inc, a leading global supplier of optical networking solutions, to develop and launch a next-generation optical repeater for subsea cable systems. The new repeater enables service providers to build high performance and highly reliable submarine cable solutions, for short regional systems and very long transoceanic applications, with significantly improved reach and capacity.

According to Stuart Barnes, Chief Technology Officer at Xtera Communications: “Warley Design Solutions was the perfect partner to complement our in-house resources, with the required technical capabilities, background and experience to assist in the development of this new optical repeater that will significantly increase the reliability and service quality of subsea fibre optic cabling systems.”

As part of the Xtera team, Warley Design played a key role in designing what is now probably the world’s smallest, lightest and most technically advanced optical repeater, including mechanical elements of the highly sophisticated internal opto-electronics and the external housing that enables
it to be deployed in extremely hostile environments. The company provided the expertise to help
overcome the many design and engineering challenges to ensure that the repeater could withstand immense pressures, enabling it to operate reliably within its design specification, throughout its expected 25 year service life, in water depths of up to 8km.

“Warley Design is a valued collaboration partner that has demonstrated its ability to find new and innovative solutions to address the many technical challenges associated with this type of quipment,” continued Stuart Barnes. “We have benefitted from their proactive and flexible approach throughout this project and they have gelled really well with our internal resources to form a single, united team working together to achieve the overall objective.”

According to John Durban, Director of Warley Design Solutions: “We have provided specialised design and engineering services to Xtera from the very start of this important project, from early concepts through to release and production. This optical repeater development programme has enabled us to demonstrate our capacity for innovation and agile approach when working in partnership with a like-minded client. Our contribution to the conceptual design of this new generation of reliable optical repeaters has been acknowledged by the listing of our staff as co-inventors on one of Xtera’s patent applications.”

About Xtera Communications, Inc.

Xtera Communications, Inc. (Xtera) specialises in network infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach, security, and value. Xtera offers optical transport and WAN optimisation solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Xtera’s solution portfolio of terrestrial, submarine, long-haul, regional and WAN optimisation applications are deployed across five continents. Xtera’s optical transport solutions help service providers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades. For more information, visit

About Warley Design Solutions Ltd

Warley Design Solutions Ltd is a leading independent provider of specialist mechanical design and engineering services to support the development of electronic products. The company has considerable experience of product development and product manufacturing and is uniquely placed to develop high-performing, reliable equipment that is optimised for any given manufacturing volume and cost. With customers in the telecoms, computing, defence and information security sectors, Warley Design Solutions provides customers with the support they need to successfully bring products to market in short timescales. For further information, please visit or contact:

John Durban, Warley Design Solutions, Tel: +44 (0)1277 261066, Email: