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OQ610 Oven Logger

OQ610 Oven Logger

Product News Thursday, September 22, 2005: Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

Grant launches the new OQ610 oven logger for consistent

quality and energy savings in food process applications.

The new Grant OQ610 oven logger is a simple to use, accurate, affordable and flexible solution for temperature profiling within the food industry where it is important to ensure products are cooked (or chilled) at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Not only does this ensure consistent product but also saves users money through adjustments in oven settings.

The OQ610 is a small compact 6 channel USB data logger that can be used with or without a PC. It couldn't be simpler to set-up and use; just power up the logger, connect the temperature probes, place in a suitable thermal barrier and pass through the oven. Not only is it simple to set-up from the front panel but results can be printed immediately the data logger exits the oven giving an instant record for Quality Control purposes. Just connect the data logger to a USB printer, press the print button and get an immediate report showing cook times, batch details and the actual temperature profile as a graph. Once the report is printed the logger is ready to go through the oven again to monitor the next batch of products. No need to download or clear the data.

The logger is supplied with SquirrelView software which will automatically calculate the cook process time to enable the user to make a rapid pass/fail decision on each batch of products for quality purposes and produce quality reports for compliance and traceability. Alternatively SquirrelView will export the data into Excel or other third party applications.

To protect the logger from use in high temperatures, a range of robust barriers are available in various sizes and different grade of finishes including food grade stainless steel to accommodate individual applications.

The OQ610 logger is also suitable for use in chillers, freezers, cold stores, blast freezers and freezing tunnels.

A colour photograph of the OQ610 data logger is enclosed.

Photo Caption: Grant launches the new OQ610 oven logger for consistent quality and energy savings in food process applications.

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