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Telesis Netherlands - EO January News Release

Telesis Netherlands - EO January News Release

Company News Friday, January 24, 2014: Telesis Technologies, Inc.


John Heinrich
Voice:  740-420-6527

Fax: 740-477-5001

Fremont, CA – January 24, 2014



Who knows our products and their capabilities best? This year, we would like to let our sales engineers and technicians share their experiences in the field with our marking systems.

We kick off in Russia where our marking solutions are used under extreme circumstances.

Be surprised

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe


Where did Telesis go this month?

Siberia, Russia!

One of the most specific Russian applications has been implemented by our Siberian Distributor Printing Group.

A coal mining company needed a marking solution for the large continuous supply of spare parts for their heavy trucks, excavators and other machinery. This company asked us together with competitors to do an on-site demonstration in order to compare the marks on these parts. The challenge was to mark on the most uneven, rough, scaly and painted surfaces. Telesis outperformed the competition on these surfaces, but the customer added yet another challenge before granting Telesis the contract.

The coal company also wanted to mark parts outside. Outside as outside in the cold Siberian winters! Our representative was unfazed and proposed a magic heat wire. This wire is laid together with air tubes and a head cable in a protective hose (like in a floor heating system). The customer was impressed by the proposed solution, and was ready to seal the deal with a bottle of vodka according to Russian tradition.

The customer invested in several Telesis single pin marking systems TMP4210. This marker is compact, light and powerful - the marking head weighs about 2kg. The TMP4210 is capable of marking up to 4 characters per second. The system can be equipped with light or heavy marking pins, depending upon the marking depth requirement. The Telesis patented "Floating Pin" technology enables this marker to overcome height differences up to 8 mm, which is unique for any type of micro-percussion marking system.

Would you like to get more information about the TMP4210?

Contact us at:
or by phone : +31 (0)10 462 21 36.


New Telesis Russian Office in Siberia!

Telesis is pleased to announce the opening of a new local office in Ekaterinburg. We welcome our NIS partners and customers to our lab and workshop to process samples, and for demo and training.

Contact us for further details



B-Mark Distributor Of The Year!

The company B-Mark has been awarded "Distributor of the Year 2013" for their fantastic Telesis representation in Hungary and their great achievements. The European Prize showing the famous Delft blue design was handed to Laslo Bako and his team by René van der Toorn, General Manager Telesis Europe.


Upcoming Events

Telesis will participate in:

MD&M,  11/02-13/02
Medical Design & Manufacturing)
Anaheim, California US

Come and visit us : Booth 2190

Southern Manufacturing 2014,  12/02-13/02  
Farnborough, The United Kingdom
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