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EtherTRAK ET-GT-485-1 and ET-GT-232-1

EtherTRAK ET-GT-485-1 and ET-GT-232-1

Product News Thursday, September 22, 2005: SIXNET

Deliver your Protocol from Ethernet to a Serial Device

SIXNET has enhanced its line of Industrial Ethernet Gateways. The EtherTRAK ET-GT-485-1 and ET-GT-232-1 are more capable than before and now support other protocols in addition to SIXNET, Modbus ASCII, and Modbus RTU. These products are ideal for connecting one or more RS232 and RS485 slave devices to Ethernet.

This new capability allows you to pass one user-selected protocol from Ethernet to one or multiple slave devices connected to the serial port and pass the response to these messages back to the master. With this feature, the user can be assured that the message content will not be altered in any manner. The entire contents within the IP packet will be delivered as is. Any reply from the slave device that arrives immediately after the completion of the transmission out of the serial port will be sent back to the sending Ethernet station (master device.)

EtherTRAK gateways can be DIN rail or direct panel mounted in harsh industrial environments of -30 to +70°C. Along with other SIXNET products, these are rated CE, UL, CSA (CUL), and Class 1, Division 2 (Zone 2). They've also has been tested by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for marine and offshore use.

SIXNET is providing an opportunity for users to prove the suitability of this Ethernet to serial interface for their application. A single unit may be purchased on an approval sale basis. This evaluation unit may be returned for full credit within 30 days of its receipt if it doesn't meet the expectations of the user.

SIXNET offers a full line of industrial Ethernet products to suit the user's needs. For additional product information, usage tips, or technical specifications, contact SIXNET at 518-877-5173.

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