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Chainflex cables now Germanischer Lloyd certified

Chainflex cables now Germanischer Lloyd certified

Product News Monday, June 9, 2014: igus

In order to utilize cables for motion control application aboard ships and on other offshore applications without expensive custom certified solutions, igus and the Germanischer Lloyd (GL) classification group have jointly developed a new test standard, and have certified a total of 328 Chainflex cables from igus, making them the first cables to receive this certification specifically for use in cable carriers, making the company a leader in the manufacturing industry with the most certifications for cables.

Due to the distinct increase in the level of automation aboard ships and other offshore applications in recent years, the industry has also experienced a notable growth in demand of Energy Chains and cable carriers. To supply suitable and reliable products for these specialized applications, igus had teamed up with GL to certify igus’ line of Chainflex continuous-flex cables. The lengthy certification process took the companies three years, using a range of testing and specialized expertise from both organizations, resulting in the first series of GL certified cables for use offshore.

Development of test procedures

Typically, classification organizations such as GL issue certifications based on widely accepted international standards. In many cases, these refer to special characteristics in regards to specific material or component properties, such as combustion or flammability. However, these materials typically have no or limited suitability for use in continuous-motion applications. Since no uniform international test procedures for motion control cables in place, a new standard for testing needed to be found. The teams from igus and GL worked together to develop testing procedures to guarantee reliability of Chainflex cables offshore.

The two partners employed internal igus standards as a basis for guaranteeing the service life of cables in motion control applications. This information was supplemented by the typical standard tests of production samples performed by the GL certification group, which are based on international standards and years of testing.

Customers now have the option to buy control, Bus, data, measurement, and power cables specifically for dynamic applications that comply with the requirements of commercial shipping regulatory agencies, all available from stock.