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Product News Monday, October 1, 2007: MECO Shaft Seals, div. Woodex Bearing Company Inc.

In 2005, the European Union's ATEX Directive (EN 94/9/EC) went into effect, governing all industrial environments containing potentially explosive atmospheres. (The name comes from the French: ATmosphères EXplosives.) Examples of sites under the jurisdiction of ATEX are those where dust or vapors are present in contained or concentrated atmospheres, such as processors of hydrocarbons or dry powders.

Bulk processors in Europe have been obliged to review their equipment, including shaft seals, to ensure compliance with the ATEX Directive. The directive considers packing glands unsuitable for service in potentially explosive atmospheres, so many processors are seeking ATEX-conforming alternatives.

MECO have responded by investing significant research and development resources, adapting two of their seal designs so as to comply with this mandate for their customers. MECO seals are now available for certain European explosive atmosphere applications in Equipment Group II, in Categories 2 and 3.

Processors seeking ATEX-compliant sealing solutions find that some seal manufacturers claim ATEX compliance, while in fine print they require water purging or limit dry-running compliance to an impractically narrow range of operating parameters.

MECO designers, in keeping with their tradition of custom-engineering each seal, examine every ATEX application individually and arrive at means of protection which meet both with the ATEX Directive and with the processor's expectations and requirements.

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