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Air Control Industries Limited

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Product News Tuesday, October 2, 2007: Air Control Industries Limited

A new range of Slimline fans, QB EC Series, employing intelligent-motor driven impellers that permit units to be optimised for specific applications with regard to efficiency, speed, acoustic performance and cost has been introduced by Air Control Industries of Chard.

The intelligent motors harness permanent magnet motor technology with integrated electronic controls. This combination allows units to be set up to meet specific performance requirements and respond to feedback from such devices as heat, pressure and humidity sensors (RS485 and 0 … 10V signal interface) to adjust air flow as required. There is no loss of efficiency at any running speed, unlike conventional AC fans, nor is there any electromagnetic hum or rumble.

The integrated package is also simpler to install and, because it is not limited to synchronous electricity supply (50/60Hz), it can out perform conventional motor/drive alternatives resulting in reduced space demands.

With an operating efficiency of up to 90% and being designed for compatibility with all conventional supply systems, from 12V DC up 480V 3-phase, these motors give ACI’s new QB EC Series fans economy of operation plus flexibility of application across their power, flow and pressure ranges – 40W to 520W/1400m3/hr (825CFM)/ 933Pa (3.75 in.SWG) respectively. In addition, with onboard rectification, the fans offer stable performance even where voltage levels fluctuate, which is particularly important where critical ambience control is required.

Further, with fans normally being specified for worst case scenarios, although normal operating conditions demands are significantly less than these, with ACI’s QB EC Range performance can be geared according to actual requirement resulting in further potential savings. This in turn means the fans run cooler and bearings last longer.

Whilst low-cost variable speed control can also be achieved using an asynchronous motor with a speed actuator, such systems do not have the benefit of optimally matched components, like ACI’s new range, and consequently have reduced service life plus incur a significant energy consumption penalty.

The intelligent motor unit is protected against over-temperature and over-voltage cut-out, phase failure and locked rotor. It also has an EMC and line filter.