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Throttle Master Needle Valve

Throttle Master Needle Valve

Product News Monday, December 12, 2005: Marquest Scientific, Inc.

Marquest Scientific Introduces the Throttle Master Needle Valve Line

Marquest Scientific, Inc. has introduced a new Needle Valve featuring a Tri-Oval, ergonomically designed handle. The design represents the latest in Solid Works design technology, whereby multiple hand and finger positions can be overlaid, studied and implemented simultaneously. The handle employs the proven three prong, star configuration for fast open and close operation. However, fine metering can be accomplished by placing fingers on the center of the Tri-Oval geometry or using a prong of the star and the opposing Tri-Oval surface. This allows the operator to select the most effective and comfortable position to meter the flow through the valve. The "handle was only one of many improvements made in the complete redesign of our Needle Valve product line," stated Brent Stulik, Vice President of Marketing at Marquest Scientific. "Over a 20 year period, we had compiled a data base of end user requirements, applications and suggestions and now have the opportunity to offer those improvements. A 24 pitch metering thread to offer an additional 20% adjustment control. Panel mounting capability to accommodate panel thickness from 1/16" through 1/2". An all molded needle to improve wear and eliminate galling. Perhaps the most significant improvement was in the change of the body and component geometry to allow for the most desirable processing parameters. All manufacturing processing and quality issues were addressed during the design review stage of the new product development. With the help of design technology we were able to develop the ideal geometries for the injection molding process. This results in developing the ultimate material properties in the molded part. Consistent, quality, product is a must for our customers." Stulik concluded.

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